Here’s our Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy That Actually Works.

For the average ecommerce site, up to 99% of new visitors don’t convert — they walk right out the door, no purchase made, and are never heard from again. Our ecommerce email marketing campaigns swing into action on the very first visit by a shopper by getting them to sign up for your mailing list. Even if they don’t buy the first time, we can convert them into a customer through a series of well crafted emails.

But there’s something even better than having a marketing campaign that convinces a shopper to make the first purchase from you — a campaign that turns that shopper into a repeat customer.

Repeat customers aren’t just more likely to buy from you again, data shows that they’re more likely to upscale their shopping, purchasing more expensive items. These customers can also become brand loyalists and evangelists, convincing others to purchase your products without you having to spend a single penny. In other words, nurturing a shopper into a repeat customer is some of the best marketing money you can spend.

With a good ecommerce email marketing strategy, you can snare new and repeat customers alike, generating revenue for your business.

Through mediums like newsletters, holiday email blasts and automated nurturing sequences, a proper ecommerce email marketing strategy will be incredibly effective at driving engagement and interest in your brand and the products you sell.

Following ecommerce email marketing best practices and our own experience, we’ll set up a full suite of email marketing offers, from a welcome email sequence to abandoned cart emails, regular newsletters, product offers, and more. This will push new contacts further down the marketing funnel, making them more likely to convert, and will encourage existing customers to convert again.

We won’t just send single generic emails to your contacts. We know that automated emails, which deploy based on consumer actions and their place in your funnel, are far more effective. That’s why we set up workflows with personalized emails that help to guide your leads and existing customers toward conversion.

Time to get your brand adored, not ignored.

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