Email Marketing Done Right.

A Proactive & Transparent Email Marketing Solution for your business

I’m Denis Muthoga, founder of this digital agency. My amazing team and I help ecommerce businesses like yours earn more revenue by selling more of your products to your email subscribers with zero spend on advertising.

I Started out as a sales and marketing major. I took my passion for marketing and specialized in email marketing for ecommerce brands after I successfully scaled a Shopify store using email to a list of over 50,000 subscribers.

We’re a small but perfectly assembled team of expert marketers that have come together through a common desire to defy outdated marketing ideologies. We focus on each unique project with acute originality, relaying the most beneficial marketing techniques differently for each client.

Now, we know you’ve heard this kind of talk before. But we can assure you we walk the talk. We actually deliver on our promises.

Wondering why we’re different from other email marketing agencies?

Client Focused

Our Digital Marketing Agency works for you. We have an innovative, unique approach to every client we partner with and every strategy we implement. We harness your passion and the belief you have in your brand.

Happily Affordable

Outrageous set-up and maintenance fees are an outdated ethos. Our affordable packages allow even the smallest business to succeed and grow their sales with targeted Facebook product ads, remarketing strategies and cohesive cross channel marketing.

Experienced Team

Our Digital Marketing Agency is a team of dedicated experts. We consistently deliver projects with a creative approach, knowledge, transparency and commitment to your success.

Why Choose Our Agency:

No Cookie-Cutter Strategies

Great digital marketing is more than just following best practices – it’s about creating and following a strategy that will drive results. We craft strategies based on your company’s unique needs and marketing challenges.

Full Responsibility of Your Marketing Campaigns

We don’t see your project simply as a list of marketing tasks to complete. Instead, we take full responsibility for the marketing campaigns that you entrust us with and drive them forward. We make regular changes and optimizations to improve results each month.

Experience + Up-To-Date Industry Knowledge

We have experience with a variety of different industries and have achieved client successes across the board. But it’s more than just experience – we also keep up with the latest news and changes in the world of marketing – from Google updates to new marketing tools to new features on social media.

Focus on Long Term Relationships

With each of our clients we have two goals: get consistent results and build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship. We help to build these strong relationships with constant communication, clear goals, and by taking our client’s input to heart.

Our Success Depends on Yours

Our goal is to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. This means that we assume full responsibility for whatever parts of your email marketing strategy that we take on and we work to constantly improve and refine those campaigns.

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf strategies that blindly follow industry practices. We take time to time to learn about your company and the unique challenges you face. Only then do we devise and execute email marketing strategies that can push your revenue no where but up.

Ready to talk about your brands goals? Click here for a brief discussion about your email marketing strategy!

Some Fun Facts About Me as a digital marketer.

  1. I’m an easy going person to work with and I have a lot of passion within me. I know how precious time can be since I have two kids! I treat my digital marketing agency as a business and work great with timelines and people.
  2. When I’m not crafting email flows or campaigns, I’m shuffling my son and daughter to after school activities…with Jasper my dog.
  3. I am very passionate about animals. As I have previously mentioned I have a dog (Jasper) who I took him in after one Friday morning I found him on my front door. I also have 2 cats, cows, sheep and 5 pigs
  4. My favorite shows: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things.
  5. When I’m not working, you can find me setting up play dates for my kids and trying to explain to my engineer friends what I do for a living.